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Dingo’s Fraser Island 4WD Tours

K'Gari (Fraser Island) is one of the most iconic adventure destinations along the East Coast. Dingo's Fraser Island Tours will make sure you get the very best out of your K'Gari (Fraser Island) adventure. We'll take you to the crystal-clear waters of Lake McKenzie, send you floating down Eli Creek and walk you into Pile Valley's ancient rainforest.


Dropbear Adventures

4WDriving K’gari Fraser Island is right up there when it comes to a unique Australian experience. Spend 3 fun filled and soulful days with us on K’gari and we guarantee you will fall in love with this magically diverse paradise island. With so much to see we will get you around to the hot spots but you’ll always want to stay longer so don’t be a tool who books a day trip, truly experience it with our immersive experiences that we have been offering for over ten years.


Black Dog Surfing

Black Dog Surfing Black Dog Surfing's ratio of 1:5 instructors to students is the best offered for a group lesson in Byron Bay to ensure a personalised [...]