Fitness & Yoga

Byron Bay is alive with health motivation and wellness, with a whole host of practices offering a dynamic variety of exercise and movement classes.

It’s no secret that Byron Bay is the home of relaxation and rejuvenation, but some of it’s yoga centres are the best-kept secrets!  Featuring extensive class timetables and every type of yoga from bikram to beach,  Byron is sure to satisfy any Yogi’s desire for renewal.  With yoga centres in both town as well as the Arts & Industrial Estate, all are welcome in Byron’s clear-minded, hearty yoga community.

For those yearning to nourish the body and mind in rain, hail or shine you cannot go past the Byron Yoga Centre’s Half Day and Full Day Yoga Retreats.

The best way for anyone to enjoy the Byron experience!

Things to do


Byron Yoga Centre

Embark on a transformative journey and allow us to guide you towards balance, wellness, and a profound connection with your inner self.


Heat Byron Bay

Traditional Yoga, Progressive Pilates, Hiit Training, Modern Barre & Yin. A diverse range of physical movement to suit every body, mind and spirit. Oh and we like it hot!


BodyMindLife Byron Bay

Located in the heart of Byron, BodyMindLife features Pilates studio, full-spectrum infrared sauna with Himalayan salt wall, hot and cold plunge pools, oxygen therapy and more.