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Understory is a magical, interactive theatre adventure created and presented for children by Roundabout Theatre, springing to life in the Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens this April school holidays.

Have you heard fungi talk? Have you felt the forest hum?

Part theatre, part quest and part wacky science field trip, Understory is made to inspire children aged 7-11 years with a deep curiosity, wonder and connection to the natural world. The entire Hoop Pine Forest at Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens will become an enchanting theatrical world brought to life by an original story that is both fantastical and based in science and ecology principles.

The Understory quest begins from the moment a ticket is purchased. An invitation is sent to your child (via email to parents/carers), inviting them to be ‘Wonderers’ and outlining the adventure ahead. Roundabout Theatre has also developed a highly interactive website at www.understory.roundabout.net.au to accompany the show. Parents and carers are encouraged to direct their children to the email and the website before they arrive at the show, so they are informed on how to be part of the Understory adventure.

Two shows daily | 10am-1130am and 230pm-4pm

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