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An original musical about the Bruns Fishing Fleet. Directed by Ollie Heathwood

A musical that answers the question “What happened to the fishing fleet in Brunswick Heads?” This exuberant and compelling play celebrates the days when the Co-op was a much-loved meeting place at the heart of the town. Wonderful true stories told by fishermen and Co-op workers are brought to life through songs, stories, and images on the big screen.

Residents, long term holidaymakers, and tourists alike are filled with a sense of loss when they go to the marina in Brunswick Heads and see the empty shell of the buildings that once housed the vibrant Brunswick-Byron Fishermen’s Co-Op, and the wonderful seafood and the fish and chip shop. People ask, “Where has the fish and chip shop gone, and why?” and “Why aren’t there any trawlers in Brunswick Heads any more?”

Many of us have fond memories of taking friends, family, and visitors to eat fish and chips at the boat harbour. Many people still go there expecting to be able to throw vinegar-soaked chips to seagulls while they enjoy the beauty of the river and the boats. But sadly, the Co-op is closed, and the trawlers are gone.

The Wake celebrates and preserves the history of that place, and the local fishing community whose lives centred around it.

This original musical will tell stories based on research and interviews with fishermen, their families, and workers at the Co-op. Performances will involve large screen projections, professional musicians, singers and actors on stage at the iconic Brunswick Picture House. The play will celebrate the role that the fishing fleet played in our community and tell the story of why there is no longer a fleet in Brunswick Heads.

Performances | Saturday 2pm and 7pm | Sunday 4pm and 7pm


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