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The Water of Life Exclusive Whisky Film Screening

Thursday 1st April :: Exclusive Screening of The Water of Life and Q&A with the filmmakers and the people who created the beautiful spirit.

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Water of Life – A Whisky Film with a live screening at the distillery and a virtual online viewing available to audiences globally! Attendees will enjoy an exclusive sampling of our new single malt whisky, followed by a live Q&A with master distiller and Co-Founder Jim McEwan, Eddie Brook and film director Greg Swartz.

The Water of Life is a feature documentary that focuses on the craftsmen, chemists, and renegades at the heart of the whisky revolution that turned the stagnant scotch whisky industry of the 1980s into the titan it is today. The film follows Jim McEwan, the world’s most awarded Scotch whisky distiller, during his time in Australia at the distillery, where he played a pivotal role in the birth of our new spirit – the soon-to-be-released single malt whisky!

Starting behind the locked gates of an abandoned distillery, Jim McEwan and Mark Reynier — “the most unlikely partnership in the history of whisky” — share their personal experiences of the risk-taking and wild experimentation they used to turn Bruichladdich into a creative and financial powerhouse.

The film also takes you on the journeys of visionaries like Gordon & MacPhail, Billy Walker, Rachel Barrie and David Stewart, whose mixture of talent, chemistry, hard work, grit, and a little sprinkle of magic paved the way for the next generation of innovators like Adam Hannett, Kelsey McKechnie, Liam Hughes, Iain Croucher, and Eddie Brook.

The Water of Life is a uniquely personal perspective on the evolution of whisky by those who lived it – the story of those who played a key part in rediscovering the crafting of the ancient spirit.

The Australian Premiere held at the distillery will be showing on the 1st of April 2021 and will offer whisky fans a unique film screening and tasting experience.

The simultaneous virtual online viewing will also include the movie screening and an exclusive tasting kit of our single malt sample. Fans can also choose to access the viewing without the whisky tasting kit.

The tasting kit will include 25ml samples of:

  • Cape Byron Distillery New Make Spirit
  • Cape Byron Distillery Single Malt Whisky
  • Barrel-aged Mac. Liqueur

Our biggest challenge, as with any food or drink film, is you can’t taste the screen. When putting this event together it was important that we found a way to bring not just the story to the screen, but to engage the audience in a way whisky does. When you take that first sip your senses are bombarded not only with the smell and taste, but it taps into your memories, feelings, and emotions if you let it. Our special hybrid event will bring all the senses together through watching the movie, pairing that with the tasting kits, and offering the opportunity to join the stars to hear them talk more about their passions. ~ Greg Swartz, Director

We’re so excited to share this film with Australian whisky fans and to showcase our new single malt that is soon to be released this year. The film captures that moment when Jim was at the distillery when we first started this whisky journey and now, we get to share the spirit with the whisky community. ~ Eddie Brook, Co-Founder & Distiller

Trailer: https://youtu.be/7SQCjuO6rwo

Movie Website: www.wateroflifefilm.com

Tickets: Limited tickets available ~ book yours now on Eventbrite

Thursday 1st April, screening starts at 6pm AEST

  • Cape Byron Distillery in-person event – $85
  • Virtual attendance + whisky tasting kit – $55
  • Virtual attendance only – $35
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