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The Cassettes – Flashmob Dance Company Classes – Term 4 – Byron Bay

Byron Bay Dance Leaders
Over the last five years in Byron Bay and beyond, The Cassettes’ Flashmob Dance Company have built a reputation for providing quirky, hilarious, tight and inventive dance-theatre performances at music, arts, and community events. And we are
Just. Getting. Started.

Term 4 Flashmob Dance Co teachers:

Marissa is leading the gang, with Leisel assisting. A bit about Leisel, for those new to this fine lady:

Leisel Fitzgerald has over 35 years experience in the dance industry. A highly skilled dancer, Leisel has unmatched Quality Control abilities.Classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, national character, and modern dance theatre are the genres she has nailed. And let’s not forget she was a member of the first national Step Reebok Championship Team.

Leisel says, “What excites and motivates me as a teacher, is being witness to the lightbulb moment when somebody realises a potential in themselves that they never knew existed. My aim as a teacher is to assist dancers, to realise that potential.”

About the Flashmob Dance Company Class
What the public don’t see, is the joyful experience of the actual Flashmob Dance Company classes: designed to physically challenge and to unearth each dancer’s rich and unique sense of creativity.

Dance-Theatre Radness
Comprised of skilled technical dancers and performers from a range of backgrounds, Flashmob Dancers have a total commitment to dancing their heart out, while being respectful, friendly and cherished members of Byron’s raddest dance class and performance group.

Enriching, bonding and dance-packed, the FDC classes run for 2 hours per week, for each 8 week term.

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