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This September Bangalow Theatre Company will be presenting an immersive, interactive and creative performance experience for the Byron Region. TakeOver will be a showcase of original performance and dance works that will be staged in multiple spaces around Bangalow. Audiences groups of 12 will be guided from one experience to another, viewing short, sharp and brilliant 12 minute pieces all taking place in our streets.

Imagine watching a 12 minute Contemporary Dance Performance in the Laundromat, then walking to the railway tracks where a cast of actors perform a compelling scene, then walking to a cafe on main street where a short drama takes place, and then arriving at the Deck of restaurant for an intimate musical soundscape performance. In response to the current Covid19 pandemic and isolation that has taken place in all communities, we have reached out to our Bangalow community to hear their personal stories of surviving the last three months in lockdown. Some stories were heart-breaking, some were funny, some were of loneliness and many were of change and hope!

BTC has taken their skill set of creating powerful and moving theatre work, and have written 5 originals shows in response to our communities stories. Audiences will be taken on a Journey, not only through the through the streets of Bangalow to encounter progressive, poignant, profound and comical performance works.. but also on a journey of the narrative that Covid19 has weaved throughout our community. At the heart of this project is a belief that the Arts has the power to reengage and inspire a community, providing them with an Art experience like none before.

Duration 90 mins


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