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Monday 17 June 2019
A&I Hall Bangalow: 6pm

LECTURE: Romance and Glamour: Dressing Australian Women during the nineteenth century

This lecture unpacks the story of how Australian women dressed from 1851 to 1901. During the nineteenth century clothing production underwent massive changes due to advances in technology and changes in work practices. These changes lead to the ‘democratisation of clothing’, mass-produced clothing for all who could afford it. The so-called important aspects – manufacture, wholesale buying, distribution and retailing, remained predominately in the hands of men, while production, over the counter selling, and consumption remained predominantly with women.

Michael Marendy’s working background has been in four distinct areas: clothing design, fashion education, textile conservation and museum curatorship. For 15 years he taught in the TAFE and University sectors, as well as working as a clothing designer and textile conservator. His PhD from Griffith University, focused on stories of women in the custom made clothing trade in colonial Brisbane, and why museums collect, preserve and exhibit clothing objects designed and made by such women. Michael is currently a conversation and curatorial consultant.

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