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Plastic Free Boy invites families and visitors on an exciting and informative eco-tour through the forest up the lighthouse and back through the iconic beaches of Byron Bay.
You will appreciate this environment through the eyes of a local 14-year-old kid, who grew up swimming with the local turtles and dolphins since he was born.

 ” I am excited to share with you important information about the environment that makes Byron Bay the iconic place it is.
Why? Because I feel it is time to give back to Nature, the way it cares for us. And my part is to share knowledge of what precious gifts we are receiving by just being here. What the trees are and what they do for us.  What the ocean holds and what it does for us. If we understand more about how much we need a thriving environment around us, then I believe that people will join me in giving back, restoring, and caretaking. Hey, and it is fun!! I will also talk about the history of Byron Bay including highlights about the lighthouse.   In addition, you will get some invite to my local clean-ups and maybe join me on a snorkel to the local reef.”

By way of an introduction for the people new to the Shire or who do not know me. I am 14 years old, born in Byron Bay, have been making films with my mum, a professional filmmaker to educate people about the problems of and solutions to plastic pollution. It all started on my 11th birthday on the main beach as I witnessed the release of 3 rehabilitated sea turtles back into the ocean. I found out about plastic kills millions of marine animals and with the help of my mum Karin, we embarked on a journey to help save the ocean from plastic pollution. For the past 4 years, I have been showing my film ‘Plastic Alarm’ to over 800 000 students in schools all over Australia. I have spoken at different events such as the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayor’s Forum. I became Clean Up Australia Day Youth Ambassador as well as the World Clean Up Day Ambassador and was nominated for the Department of Environment Green Globe Award and a Department of Education Student Award. Last year my mum and I started a new film called ‘Plan B’ which offers solutions for how to save the Coral Reefs including the Great Barrier Reef.

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