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The Byron Bay Surf Festival (BBSF) organisers are pleased to announce that they have applied to the appropriate (CV19) authorities to run the 11th year of BBSF in 2021. Subject to final approvals and no unexpected covid restrictions, BBSF will be held on Friday to Sunday 26-28 February 2021 (inclusive)

While BBSF 2021 will of necessity be a somewhat slimmed down event, we will be holding faithful to our original Mission, as outlined by Founder James McMillan in 2010 – ‘ to present and maintain the spirit & culture of surfing, as an expression, art and lifestyle’. We anticipate presenting our regular core program of Surfing, Art, Music, Film & Environmental aspects at various venues in our unique home of Byron Bay

We hope you can all join with us to celebrate the joy and spirit of surf culture, Byron style 🙂

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