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Barrio’s BBQ with Guest Chef Ollie Wong

On Wednesday 20 July 2022, Chef Ollie Wong will be joining Barrio Eatery & Bar for one night to give a sneak preview into what to expect from his soon-to-open debut restaurant Bar Heather in Byron Bay. The Bar Heather team, who also own Byron’s favourite Luna Wine Store, will be pulling out some special and rare bottles from their cellar for the night, a taste of what is to come from their natural wine collection.

“I am excited to experiment in the kitchen of friends in town and show people what to expect from Bar Heather once we open. What informs us in the kitchen is firstly what is in the glass and then we work back from there rather than the other way around. With some of the world’s most precious natural wines swirling in the glasses at Bar Heather, the decision of what to cook opens up, and Barrio’s charcoal isn’t a bad place to start”. – Chef Ollie Wong

Guest Chef Ollie Wong (previously Ester, Sixpenny, Franklin, Agrarian Kitchen and Quay) ’s BBQ menu takes inspiration from the fresh produce available in the Northern Rivers, and dishes he has enjoyed along his journey.

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