Planet Corroboree – Australian Aboriginal Art

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Australian Aboriginal Art gallery in downtown Byron Bay Australia.

We were created 5 years ago to be an outlet for the local Indigenous artists to be recognised, respected and financially supported.

Our art is sourced directly from the artists and their families or from businesses who engage in ethical trading with Australian Aboriginal Artists.

As a retail outlet we see great potential for these artists to be nationally and internationally promoted through the many guests coming to Byron Bay annually. Our range of Australian Aboriginal Art is large, diverse and exciting! From paintings, didgeridoos and boomerangs to home-wares, music, clothing and literature. Some very different and amazingly unique, all contemporary and traditional, Australian Aboriginal Art is beautiful and expressive!

We have recently extended our range to also include artists from other regions within Australia; we are embracing the amazing diversity of Australian Aboriginal Art, culture and its people.


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Old Stationmaster’s Cottage, 80 Jonson Street, Byron Bay