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Become a Thai Yoga Massage therapist.

Learn the ancient healing Art of Traditional Thai Massage in an intensive, accredited, training in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.
Thai massage is a complete health discipline that will help you keeping strong, fit and flexible, to be more aware and in touch with yourself and others and to breathe deeply and fully.

Traditional Thai Massage – also known as Thai yoga or induced yoga – is an interactive form of bodywork in which the bodies of practitioner and client merge in continuous movement. Yoga-like stretches and adjustments, meridian work, acupressure and reflexology combine in a flow that makes the treatment deep, thorough, relaxing and energizing.

Byron Thai Massage’s course offers something very different from the usual Thai Massage courses and treatments. The focus, through the course is on the practitioner’s postural alignment and the use of correct body-weight so to avoid injury and make the massage even more pleasant for the receiver.

By removing the obstructions that cause illness, Thai Massage offers


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