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Byron Bay Eco Cruise - Byron Bay Activities

Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks

Byron Bay Eco Cruises and Kayaks tours will give you an experience you will never forget! Unique scenic cruises, some with optional kayaking on the pristine waters of the Brunswick River in the Cape Byron Marine Park. Experience native forests, diverse wildlife & aquatic ecosystems with spectacular rainforest and mountain views. Dolphins, turtles & stingrays may join the adventure.

Explore secret places unable to be viewed any other way and drift through the mangroves viewing wonderful birds wildlife and marine life. Discover the secret world of thousands of crabs on their daily forage for food on the mudflats. The Pied Oystercatcher, an endangered bird, can sometimes be glimpsed on this magic waterway. As you glide along you may see turtles or stingrays skimming along the sandy river bottom underneath you. Watch the antics of the Pelicans on shore or as they paddle past you.

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