Tucked away in the far north eastern pocket of NSW, Australia is Lismore, Nimbin & villages. An area renowned for its extraordinary natural beauty, amazing cultural diversity, relaxed lifestyles and quirky charms; a place where old school blends with new age and nature sets the pace. Lismore and Nimbin are on the doorstep of several magnificent World Heritage National Parks offering easy access to walking trails, waterfalls that cascade into clear mountain pools and breathtaking lookouts. Ancient rainforests shroud the hills, ridges and valleys of the Nightcap and Border Ranges National Parks.

Nimbin is known and famous for being a true hippy destination and Australia’s alternative lifestyle capital. Nimbin shot to fame when it hosted the 1973 Aquarius Festival, attracting students, hippies and visionaries from all over Australia. With sights including the Nimbin Candle Factory, the Rainbow Power Company, Happy High Herbs and the official H.E.M.P Embassy, Nimbin is a compulsory destination for visitors to the North Coast.


Lismore, the regions commercial hub, is famous for its array of groovy community events including the annual Lismore Lantern Parade, the Lismore Aviation Expo, Gemfest and the Tropical Fruits LGBTI New Year’s Eve Festival. Numerous local markets are based in Lismore, including the Car Boot Market, Farmer’s market, Growers Market, Organic Market and the Handmade Market, providing a little something special for absolutely everyone.

Located at the southern rim of the ancient Wollumbin shield volcano, the surrounding green hills are dotted with quaint villages, neat rows of macadamia and coffee and hidden valleys enshrouded with mystical rainforest. Lismore, Nimbin and villages provide the perfect location to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature. Stay a while, absorb the relaxed atmosphere and explore all the region’s many treasures. You’ll find the diversity extends to its accommodation options with everything from B&Bs, hinterland retreats and chic, city-style motels to caravan parks and secluded campgrounds.